It is good to be sure

"Since I started using Pilo, I no longer have to worry about taking my medicine. It is with me all day long and I am discreetly reminded when it’s time to take it."

For patients with chronic illness, taking their medication is yet one more thing to remember.
And the difference between remembering and forgetting could be a question of life and death!

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We create solutions that make it easier to take your prescription medicine.

The Surest app remembers when you take your medicine, and reminds you when it is time to take it again.

Surest products are designed to make it easier for patients with chronic illness who have a smartphone to remember when to take their medicine, AND where to find it.


Discover Pilo, a unique pillcase that discreetly stores your medicine, and protects your iPhone as well.

Highlights on mobile App features

  • Remembers you when you last took your medicine
  • Reminds you when it is time to take it again
  • Keeps a full record of your medication (number of pills taken and missed over a 6 month period)
  • Shows you at a glance how many pills you have left
  • Up to 5 different medical treatment are managed by Pilo
  • Lets you take up to five different types of medicine at the same time